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May 19, 2012
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CE- Failure of a Plotted Revenge by DragonHeartLuver CE- Failure of a Plotted Revenge by DragonHeartLuver

ok here's my entry for :iconkoai:s Create A Character Contest for her lion king Comic(s)

we had to design a character and then make up a picture of them interacting with either her oc(s) or other character(s) of the comic/Lion king world and here we go...

Join :iconkoai:s Group :iconescapetopriderock:

and read her two amazing comics

Escape To Pride Rock: [link]


Run or Learn: [link]


OK this is the first time i have EVER drew Zira i think i did pretty well XD and i thought hard on this story line i hope :iconkoai: likes it as much as i do X3

FIRST info on the Handsome devil before you X3

Name: Mooka (( Moo-Ka ))

Age: unknown but old enough to know Raz from cub until Zira is a young adult

Relations: Raz's best friend/ partner in crime/secret admirer

Alittle Back story: Mooka and Raz grew up in two different prides that lived close to each other as Cub they formed a bond of friendship that seemed to out last anything.... but years later when Raz was thrown into the prison Mooka searched for away to help Raz's get out of that hell... until he meant young Zira ((read story below))



After Majali, and Zira left the pride lands to go to Majali's new job. Zira continued to hound her dad to go to the Prison, and talk to Kheri. Her dad refused every time she asked due to her age, and that she looked so much like her mother Raz, Majali feared Kheri would harm, or even kill little Zira, out of hatred towards him.

That night While Majali slept, Zira runs off towards where she learned the prison was located, she never stopped until she reached it. When her father woke up in the morning, and saw she was gone, he knew where she went and quickly rushed off hoping he wasn't to late.

At the prison, Zira snuck in and hid scanning over the lions and lioness with rips in their ears, like her daddy. Until she over heard one of the lioness call on a male lion by the name of Kheri, Zira knew in a heart beat that, that was her mothers murderer. She knew just by the way he held, and carried himself, so smug, and controlling. He was the type to kill first and ask questions later. Rage grew deeply in the little cubs heart mixed with pain, she waited until she found him alone, and charged Kheri biting onto his ear. Kheri cursed and threw little Zira off, but she charged right after him again, as she yelled out....

" MURDERER!!!! "

Kheri's eyes widened then smirked, as he saw just who the cub looked like, and knew it was Raz's cub. Kheri quickly dodged the little one's attack, biting down hard on her mid section drawing blood. She yelled out in pain, but right before Kheri was about to finished her, he was tackled from behind, by no other then Zira's father Majali.

Kheri kicked Majali off of him, and attacked with no words. Majali fought to defend his little girl, until he over heard the other garuds coming fast, to see what was going on. He turned to look at Zira and told her to run, and hide and she did just that.

Zira once hidden, still over looked the fight between the killer of her mother, and her loving father. The others came in as Kheri yelled out that Majali attacked him out of cold blood, assuming that he killed Raz is taboo lover. The others ignored Majali's words of truth, and he tried to flee for his, and his daugthers life. As they all attacked him, he tried to escape but thinking Majali was running from a crime, the guards had no other choice. They ended Majali's life right in front of little Zira's eyes.

Scared, and broken with extreme pain in her heart, Zira ran off into the sandy lands away from the prison. She found a cave where in witch she laid down, and mourned as the reality hit her, she was now, and forever all alone....

As the day turned into night, a dark lion walked into the cave looking for a place to rest, his name was Mooka. He walked, and laid down to just hear a young cubs sobbing. He looked and saw little Zira crying her heart out, Mooka knew a young cub like her shouldn't be alone at her age. He stood up, and startled little Zira. But right now, Zira welcomed the idea of death, if it found her.... When Mooka's eyes met Zira's, he saw his best friend in her, his beautiful Raz. He asked the young cub what was wrong, and where her parents were, as Zira explained threw her sobbing voice.

Mooka just now learning of Raz's Murder was heart broken, as he looked away from the cub. After hearing the rest his was shocked, and hurt to know such a young cub lost both her parents in such cruel ways. Mooka then gently licked Zira's tears away, telling her she was going to live with him, and together they would over throw the murdered of her parents. Zira cheered up, and thanked Mooka, agreeing to live with him.

Years past, and Zira grew into a fine young adult, and Mooka was aging but still full of life. Over the years he had trained her in fighting, and plotted with Zira in how they were going to get "her" revenge. You see, Mooka never told Zira his past with her mother, because he didn't want to steal this glory from the poor, crying cub he adopted years ago. Plus he felt this was the best way to honor Raz in helping her daughter avenge her death.

Finally, after years of Training, the two worked their way to the prison, as they walked down a rocky hill, with a thin dirt road, Mooka inhaled deeply, and spoke to Zira like he would to Raz years ago.

" Zira, your a strong lioness, as i'm sure your mother was, both your parents smile on you today, and never forget you will never be alone again. For they are always watching over you. O, and one more thing, when you want something take it, no matter the cost, cause the day you don't, you will lose it forever."

Zira didn't understand the last part much, but smiled nodding to her step-dad, as the sun shined on them.

((that was what the picture shows him talk to her))

Once they got close to the prison, Mooka told Zira he would wait until she carried out her part of the plot, and Zira nodded, as she walk to the prison asking to join up as a guard and was accepted, do to her strength.

((that's where she got her ripped ear))

It wasn't long until Kheri notice Zira, and knew who she was, but was shocked when Zira smiled at him. Looking at him with soft flirting eyes as she past him, Kheri was confused, but told no one who she was, but knew he had that over her head, if she tried anything funny.

It was a few months later, and Zira was one to the best guards next to Kheri, and over these months she had gotten Kheri to have feelings toward her. One day he confessed the love he felt for her, as she just giggle, and told him she was waiting to see how long it was going to take him to say something. She told him, to come with her to a loving watering hole after their shift ended, so they could get to know each other better, and Kheri accepted.

That night they left the prison, tails warped together as Kheri for once softened his eyes, and gently licked Zira's cheek, as Zira looked at him shocked.

" Z...zira,.... i know deep down you hate me, and you have all right to, b....but i have to say that, i.... i'm deeply sorry for what happened to your father,... killing him wasn't my plan,..... and as for your m...mother,..... i was younger then, and i hated all criminals,...... and i thought they all desevred to die for what they did,.... and i know now i was wrong,..... Z..Zira, i need to tell you this before i choke up,... I love you..... i truly do."

Zira was thrown back by the confession, but more so that this lion loved her, as he gently nuzzled her head against his own. She didn't know what happened, but her heart seemed to forget all the hate she had for him, and it turned into love,... that night they became mates.

Unknowing to Zira, Mooka was tracking and watching the both of them. After seeing Zira had forgiven Kheri for everything, Mooka grew mad, he waited until they were to far for others to hear, and attacked Kheri, biting into his throat and shortly after, before Zira could stop him, Mooka ended Kheri's life, as he yelled out in a great roar tears in his eyes, and smiling.

" Murderer of Raz is dead... my so pretty, beautiful Raz... i revenged your death...."

* Zira was in tears, crying as she glared toward the one who raised her. And, that was when something inside her head snapped, without thinking she attacked, and killed old Mooka. after witch she laid beside Kheri's body, until some scouts found her, a few days later. She was thinner, and still unstable, she glared at them and ran off into the sandy lands. She ran for miles towards Pride Rock. Until she found a young cub, thin and weak, nuzzling the corpse of his dead mother, Zira even tho unstable, saw the hurt cub, and the dead mother, and thought of herself, and losing her family. She gently picked up the cub, who told her his name was Nuka. She sneared at how close his name sounded to Mooka's, but rushed back to the Pride Lands. In witch time Scar was ruler, and accpeted Zira back into the pride, after he saw she was loyal to him. She became pregnant, and Scar wanting an heir, and growing fond of Zira's insane mind, made her his queen. Shortly after, a few months later, Zira gave birth to Vitani and little Kovu, Scar named Kovu his heir, and Zira finally felt like her life was normal, but her story was far from over..........


More Lion King Artwork from me

PLEASE COMMENT NICELY.... Thank You ((please Be nice about it))

brushes found on this site [link]
Artwork Mooka to :icondragonheartluver:
Escape To Pride Rock and Run and Learn To :iconkoai:
The Lion King and Zira to Walt-Disney

Do NOT use image without permission!!!
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thanigraphics Featured By Owner May 25, 2012
woah I really love your drawing style, it's great!
DragonHeartLuver Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Student Artist
thanx hun means allot ^^
LanieJ Featured By Owner May 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! This looks so cool! I love your lion designs. They're super unique. And Zira looks great, here! Awesome work, as always!!! :D
DragonHeartLuver Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Student Artist
thanx hun ^^ :hug: it truly means allot to know how great artists like yourself feel about my art and the fact that you like it means even more ^^ thank you hun :hug:
melfurny Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow! Good job! It looks great! Also, you love the movie Dragonheart!? i love that movie!! It is awesome! I didn't really like the second one, i loved the first one so much more.
DragonHeartLuver Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Student Artist
thanx hun and well i love them both they both are VERY good but i will agree that the 2nd can't even begin to try and out due the first i grew up with that movie and it was a big part of my childhood and it's in my top 5 list for most favorite movies ever

i always hoped for a 3rd one about maybe Draco's past or before the Dragons were wiped out...
melfurny Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! i think that your idea for the 3rd one, would be awesome!
DragonHeartLuver Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Student Artist
i thought so too i was even tempted to write a story about my idea but it never got off the ground
melfurny Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
it is ok, watch them end up having the idea to do it.
DragonHeartLuver Featured By Owner May 21, 2012  Student Artist
no knowing them now a days they will do a story of Draco and joff finding one last remaining female and having a hatchling Xp
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